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Sell ​​or rent your property as quickly as possible and better with our help.

Real Estate Simobilia provide professional, fast and reliable, and above all integrated services. We also provide additional services, which are common in the sale or renting a property.


1. Preparation of the real estate for sale or rent

Beautifully furnished, cleaned, especially embellished stylish property is much easier to sell respectively. Real estate SIMOBILIA can assure you best advice and a team of stylist, cleaning service and professional photos.  Prospective tenants can easily imagine how pleasant it will be to live in your property.


2. Photographing real estate

Nice attracts us and it is a cause for satisfaction, as so our attention is drawn to a beautiful property. Therefore, the Real Estate Simobilia can make sure that your property presented aesthetically to potential buyers. Beautiful photo of your Real Esate pays tribute to the seller, the buyer, to the property. Real Esate Simobilia are well trained to shoot high quality photos with a professional wide-angle camera, which allows for in-depth review of the premises.


3. Free evaluation of the property for sale or rent

In Real Estate Simobilia you can check how much you can get for your property. Since we specialize in Carinthia and its surroundings, we have a very precise and timely data on price movements.


4. Real estate valuation

In cooperation with appraisers and experts in civil engineering expertise and quality valuation is carried out. We cooperate with appraisals and expert opinions to assess the value of real estate and land for various purposes: private, legal, tax, banking - mortgages, mortgage guarantees, tax assessment, property transformation, assessment of investment real market values, inheritance, insurance ...


5. Notary services

In cooperation with reputable notary's office Črešnik we perform notary services and advisory services related to real estate transactions.


6. Legal services in real estate transactions

We cooperate with some renowned lawyers and jurists in the field of real estate, which our customers and vendors help to deal so the real estate transaction takes place credible, easy, fast and secure.


7. Land Register

We perform all necessary services and advice relating to the land register and provide all the necessary documentation.



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